Triple Layers Tablets

Food Supplement for the beauty of the skin
30 tablets


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"Science in aid of Beauty"

To counteract skin aging, a constant support of Nutricosmetics Supplements, which act from the inside, can be useful to help restore the beauty of the skin.

YALODÉ 30 triple layer tablets developed by SIALOR MILANO Laboratories, is a Formulation obtained with patented technology that contains specific substances with antioxidant action, particularly indicated to maintain the normal tone of the skin.

YALODÉ 30 triple layer tablets is a stable and effective Formulation, obtained with a special patented technology, conteining functional Ingredients in optimal concentrations.

Promotes trophism and skin function and contributes to maintain the normal skin texture.

Hyaluronic Acid:
high molecular weight of bio-fermentative origin.

Red wine
plant species with antioxidant function whose seeds contain Proanthocyanidins.

natural polyphenol, it is the main component of Poligonum Cuspidatum, a plant substance with an antioxidant action.

Coenzyme Q10
naturally present in all cells.

Organic Silicon
cit is the Silicon source readily available to humans.

Biotin and Zinc
help maintain normal skin tone.

Vitamin C
useful for the formation of Collagen.

Selenium and Vitamin E
protect cells from oxidative stress.

It is advisable to take 1 tablet a day, with a glass of water, for at least 4/8 weeks.
To maximize the toning effect of YALODÉ 30 triple layer tablets is advisable using it together with YALODÉ Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream.

The two Products work in “IN-OUT”, synergy, providing the skin with innovative and effective active Ingredients: from the inside with the tablets and from the outside with the Cream.