Discover the Yalodè line

Each SIALOR MILANO product is made with active ingredients that protect and strengthen skin to maintain a healthy and flawless appearance.

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Discover the Yalodè line
Crema rimodellante contorno occhi per pelli mature Crema Intensiva Anti-Age, Idratante con effetto Botulino-like Crema Intensiva Anti-Age, Idratante con SPF15 Supreme Oil Repair Trattamento intensivo rigenerante Crema contorno occhi Riduce borse e occhiaie in 5 minuti

Reviving eye cream

YALODÉ Intensive Eye Care is a special cream suitably designed and formulated for mature skin in Sialor Milano Laboratories in order to redensify and re-compose the epidermis of the periocular area, more delicate and more subject to expression lines.

INTENSIVE WRINKLE REPAIR Intensive Anti-Age Cream Moisturizing

YALODÉ Intensive Wrinkle Repair with a “botox-like” effect, developed in the SIALOR labs Milan, is an exclusive, innovative, complete and effective Formulation with an action at various levels to correct, regenerate and nourish saggy, dehydrated and wrinkled skin.

Face day cream SPF 15 antiaging moisturizer

YALODÉ Avanced Revitalizer preserves the integrity and beauty of the facial skin thanks to a double action: protective and anti-aging. With an extremely light touch, it combines effective and synergistic concentrations of 9 active components.

Intensive regenerating treatment

YALODÉ Supreme Oil Repair is an intensive restorative treatment specially formulated to nourish and regenerate dehydrated facial skin and to counteract the signs of aging. Its multi-active formulation with a moisturizing and anti-aging action gives the skin a new compactness, vitality and radiance.

Reduces bags and dark circles in 5 minutes

YALODÉ Instant Eye Liftinwith immediate tensor effect that contributes to de-puffing bags and reduce dark circles and wrinkles of expression in just 5 minutes and with a single application a day.


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